Friday, February 24, 2012

Jonard GPP- Brass Push Pull Precision Force Gauge, -oz, - Graduation, +/- Accuracy

Jonard GPP5
Jonard GPP-5 Brass Push Pull Precision Force Gauge, 0-16oz, 0-500 Graduation, +/- 1 Accuracy
by Jonard

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The GPP-5 push pull force gauge is a precision, compact tubular type mechanical force gauge whose slender shape permits its use in confined areas to measure push pull forces. This push pull force gauge is graduated in two scales. Precision springs individually are calibrated and checked with dead weights. Full scale accuracy and factory calibration is held to +/- 1 graduation. Construction is brass with satin chrome finish, threaded tips for adjustment of position and length of shafts. Measures 1/2" diameter by 15" long.

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