Friday, March 30, 2012

Goodyear Engineered Products XL\ Positive Drive Trapezoidal Tooth Profile Sleeve, Extra Light, " Pitch Length, ." Height, ." Pitch, " Wide

Goodyear Engineered
Goodyear Engineered Products 300XL\1300 Positive Drive Trapezoidal Tooth Profile Sleeve, Extra Light, 30" Pitch Length, 0.09" Height, 0.200" Pitch, 13" Wide
by Veyance Technologies, Inc.

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The Positive drive trapezoidal tooth profile sleeve is 13” wide, has a 0.200” pitch, an extra light XL profile, is built by Goodyear Engineered Products, and is suitable for drive applications where shaft synchronization is required, such as food processing equipment, farm machinery, machine tools, and packaging machinery. This universal tooth profile sleeve is for users who prefer to custom-cut their own belt sizes. The positive drive sleeve has fiberglass tension cords that add synthetic reinforcement, increasing tensile strength and resistance to shrinkage and elongation. It has trapezoidal-shaped, precision-molded teeth constructed of a composite rubber compound that resists tooth deformity and ratcheting. The sleeve is wrapped in nylon facing, which extends the belt's life and decreases noise. The sleeve's molded-rubber construction increases flexibility for longer product life, and it is oil, heat, ozone, and abrasion resistant, making it suitable for use in rugged environments.

Synchronous belts (also known as timing belts) have teeth on the underside of the belt that join with the grooves in a rotating pulley to transmit power at a constant speed without slippage. They are made of compounded rubber and are reinforced lengthwise with fiberglass cords for added strength. The belts require minimal re-tensioning and maintenance, no lubrication, and provide quiet operation. Synchronous belts are used in industrial applications such as farm, textile, mining, and printing machinery, and consumer applications such as office equipment, home appliances, and automobiles.

Veyance Technologies, Inc. manufactures and sells Goodyear Engineered Products, including industrial power transmission products, conveyor belts, hydraulics, rubber track, and automotive and truck products. It is based in Fairlawn, OH.

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