Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Master Magnetic Black Heavy-Duty Holding/Retrieving Magnet - -Lb. Capacity, Model

Master Magnetic
Master Magnetic Black Heavy-Duty Holding/Retrieving Magnet - 225-Lb. Capacity, Model# 07209
by Magnet Source

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Black heavy-duty retrieving magnet - 225-lb. pull. This magnet offers hundreds of commercial and industrial uses, including retrieving an outboard motor from the bottom of a lake by attaching a rope or rod to the magnet's eyebolt. It contains ceramic (ferrite) magnets and is capable of lifting up to 225 pounds. Highly resistant to heat. Under normal use, permanent magnetism guaranteed. NOTE: Pounds pull is rated by vertical test on 3/8in. thick ground steel plate. Pounds pull rating will be reduced if the item you wish to lift is thinner, painted, or an uneven surface. Product Style: Retrieving / holding magnet, Material: Ceramic, Pulling Power (lbs.): 225, Thickness (in.): 2, Height (in.): 6, Dimensions L x W (in.): 6 x 2

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