Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mitutoyo -, Magnetic Base, Flexible Post, For /" and mm/mm Stems, On/Off Switch, Lbf Magnetic Pull

Mitutoyo 701210
Mitutoyo 7012-10, Magnetic Base, Flexible Post, For 3/8" and 6mm/8mm Stems, On/Off Switch, 132 Lbf Magnetic Pull
by Mitutoyo

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The Mitutoyo 7012-10 Magnetic Base indicator holder grips three ways, uses 132 lbs-force of magnetic pull for security, holds 6 mm, 8 mm, and 3/8” diameter rods, and has a push-button on/off switch for one-handed operation. The flexible neck reaches around oddly-shaped workpieces and into tight spaces where solid rods may not fit. The 58 x 55 x 50 mm base grips horizontally, vertically, and upside-down. For use with all Mitutoyo dial and dial test indicators, as well as similar indicators from other manufacturers.

Magnetic bases are magnetic fixtures commonly used in metalworking to hold dial indicators, and are also used in other fields, such as optics. Magnetic bases can assist the user with setting up a workpiece in a milling machine, surface grinder, or other machine tool. The vertical post and rod in a magnetic base connect using swiveling connectors, or snugs. This allows free motion of the arm so that the dial indicator can be moved into position on the workpiece. Many magnetic bases have a V-step, which is a V-shaped notch in the base for holding the base to arbors, shafts, and other cylindrical items. The magnetic base has a circular hole through the center. A round permanent magnet is inserted into this hole, and a handle or button is attached to allow the user to rotate the magnet. Rotating the magnet turns the base on and off as this causes the position of the magnetic field to rotate as well. In the on position, the iron is acting as an extension of the magnet, while in the off position, the magnet is acting as a keeper, preventing the magnetic field from extending through the base.

Mitutoyo manufactures precision measuring tools, metrology equipment, and systems. The company was founded in Tokyo in 1934 and formed Mitutoyo America Corporation in 1963, which is headquartered in Aurora, IL.

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