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Union Butterfield (NPS) High-Speed Steel Pipe Tap, Uncoated (Bright) Finish, Round Shank With Square End, /"- Thread Size

Union Butterfield
Union Butterfield 1542(NPS) High-Speed Steel Pipe Tap, Uncoated (Bright) Finish, Round Shank With Square End, 1/2"-14 Thread Size
by Union Butterfield

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The Union Butterfield 1542(NPS) uncoated, high-speed steel pipe tap has straight flutes and a round shank with a square end, and is used to create NPS (National Pipe Straight) right-hand threads in a range of materials, with strength in carbon steel and alloy steel. NPS, also called also called NPSM (National Pipe Straight Mechanical) or American National Standard Straight Pipe Thread, is an ANSI-standard thread configuration designed for “straight” or untapered pipe threads that join without sealing for mechanical joints. The straight flutes are suitable for threading through holes (extending through the workpiece) and blind or bottoming holes (with only one opening). The plug chamfer eases tapping at the beginning of the hole and helps maintain correct perpendicular alignment with the workpiece for increased tool life.

Right-hand threads are designed to tighten when a head or nut is rotated clockwise (the most common threading direction). High-speed steel (HSS) is a common general-purpose steel for cutting tools and is compatible with a variety of materials. With no coating or surface treatment, this uncoated tool can be used on a broad range of materials and provides an economical alternative to coated tools. The round shank with square end helps to minimize rotation in the tool holder. This tool can be used in machines, such as drill presses or lathes, or with hand tools such as tap wrenches.

In the Union Butterfield 1542(NPS) series, taps with nominal diameters of 1/8” to 1/2” have four flutes, and taps with nominal diameters of 3/4” and 1” have five flutes. In this series all taps have plug chamfers. This tap conforms to ANSI standards and is suitable for normal pipe thread tolerance.

Taps produce internal threads in previously formed holes and can be used in machines (such as drill presses) or with hand tools. Common types of taps include hand taps, spiral point taps, spiral flute taps, thread forming taps, and pipe taps. Hand taps (straight-flute taps) collect chips in the straight flutes of the tool; spiral point taps push chips through holes ahead of the tool; and spiral flute taps pull chips back from the tip of the tool, up and out the hole. Thread forming taps, also known as cold forming taps, press rather than cut to create threads in a drilled hole, and no chips are created. Pipe taps create threads in pipes and pipe fittings. Each thread type designates a thread profile and each type is identified with an abbreviation. In the U.S. and Canada, the Unified Thread Standard is the dominant thread type, including UNC (Unified Coarse), UNF (Unified Fine), and NPT (National Pipe Taper) threads, among others.

Precision Dormer manufactures cutting tools under the following brands: Precision Twist, Dormer, and Union Butterfield. The company has locations around the world, and provides tools adhering to ANSI, NAS, and DIN standards.

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