Monday, April 2, 2012

Zeus PEEK Thin-Wall Tubing, Tan, AWG, ." ID, ." OD, ." Wall, " Length

Zeus PEEK Thin-Wall Tubing, Tan, 34 AWG, 0.006" ID, 0.012" OD, 0.0030" Wall, 48" Length
by Zeus
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The combination of PEEK material, thin walls and large size range (from miniature .007" to .335") make for a product development dream. PEEKs inherent purity and lubricity make it an ideal choice for analytical and life sciences applications. Its continuous operating temperature of 500 degrees F coupled with the tough, abrasion resistance and stiff properties yield a truly unique tubing used as a conduit for fluids, gasses, fiber optics and wire. The tubing may also be fastened into mechanical matrices yielding strong, lightweight, high temperature chemically-resistant structures. With the exception of concentrated sulphuric acid or nitric acids, PEEK is extremely resistant to a wide range of chemical environments even at elevated temperatures. PEEK is a highly crystalline thermoplastic that will withstand multiple sterilizations from all known methods. Material is made from USP Class VI material. Color is tan.

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