Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Air Systems SVB-ECUP Economy Electric Blower Kit

Air Systems
Air Systems SVB-E8CUP Economy Electric Blower Kit
by Air Systems

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The saddle vent ventilator provides continuous access to the manhole for either entry or egress. Traveling in and out of the confined space can now be done quickly and safely. The saddle vent increases worker productivity as well as the ability to perform confined entry rescue. The entire saddle vent system can be completely set up in less than five minutes. Eight inch air duct is installed on the bottom of the saddle vent and run to the bottom of the manhole. This allows fresh air to be supplied to the workers and displace any harmful gases that may be deadly for the occupants. The use of the 90 degree elbow removes the severe kink in the air duct and allows for rotation of the intake duct to any desired position at the street level. The kit includes SVB-E8EC blower and SV -CUP saddle vent ventilation kit.

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