Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FatIvan FIRM Red Plastic and Zinc Plated Steel Lightweight Fold Up Door Chock with Magnet, " Length x " Width x " Height

FatIvan FIRM
FatIvan FIRM Red Plastic and Zinc Plated Steel Lightweight Fold Up Door Chock with Magnet, 4" Length x 2" Width x 1" Height
by FatIvan
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Fold up door chock, it with 100 percent warranty coverage. FatIvan's strong, durable construction, manufactured from engineered plastic and zinc plated steel is guaranteed to do the job. Safe, secure design that will work on any hinge. Folds up for pocket or purse. No need to bend-over, ever. No damage to door or jamb. Hook completely contained within the tool. Firefighters are tired of carrying wedges that rarely work or having bulky pieces of welded angle iron hanging out of their pockets. Firefighters are done having doors close behind them or getting their hose lines pinched under doors. They want a door chock that will work on any door hinge and also fold up and 'disappear' in their pocket when not in use. FatIvan is a great tool to have for home use. Whether it's coming home from the store and needing the door held open for multiple trips in with groceries, or it's needing to get a ladder inside to change a light bulb, FatIvan will be there, magnetized to your door, ready for action. Simply open the door, unfold FatIvan, and hang FatIvan over the hinge to keep the door fully open. No more struggling to get the door open with your hands full. No more having the door slam on your pets as you go in and out of the door. FatIvan is secure, proving to be an 'extra hand' when you need it most. Trust FatIvan to keep your doors open safely and securely. When ready to use simply unfold FatIvan, open the door and slip FatIvan over any hinge; the top, the middle, the bottom, it doesn't matter. Just fully insert FatIvan over the hinge then let go and walk on through. Keep your FatIvan magnetized to any metal surface for easy storage with its embedded magnets. The magnets even allow you to keep a door open only partially by enabling you to magnetize FatIvan directly to the hinge thereby letting the door close just a little more. FatIvan is versatile, functional, durable and safe. Safety is in our DNA. Yellow with magnet. Black with magnet. Made in the USA.

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