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Goodyear Engineered Products Insta-Power V-Belt, , ." Top Width, ." Height, ." Length

Goodyear Engineered
Goodyear Engineered Products Insta-Power V-Belt, 84375, 0.50" Top Width, 0.31" Height, 37.5" Length
by Veyance Technologies, Inc.

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The Insta-Power classical profile V-belt has a 0.50” top width, is 0.31” high, is built by Goodyear Engineered Products with Flexten tension members, and is suitable for lawn and garden drives up to 20 horsepower where reverse- and quarter-turn drives are a factor. The belt is static conductive, making it appropriate in the presence of explosive gases, liquids, powders, and other substances where the possibility of static sparks must be kept to a minimum.

The Insta-Power V-Belt is built with Flexten tension members made from aramid, a heat-resistant synthetic fiber five times stronger than steel. Flexten tension members increase tensile strength and reduce initial elongation by 50 percent to maintain dimensional stability so that drive performance is more consistent over the life of the belt. The belt is backed in oil- and abrasion-resistant fabric, providing longitudinal flexibility and lateral strength.

Traditional classical belts are designed for operating at higher speeds over small diameter pulleys and short-center distances. They can be used in multiple V-belt drives and are used frequently in abusive environments such as farming and manufacturing. They are constructed to withstand the heat of the outdoors and oily, dirt-filled manufacturing environments.

Veyance Technologies, Inc. manufactures and sells Goodyear Engineered Products, including industrial power transmission products, conveyor belts, hydraulics, rubber track, and automotive and truck products. It is based in Fairlawn, OH.

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