Saturday, March 10, 2012

Timing Belt, Single-Sided, Neoprene, mm Width, mm Pitch, mm Length, Teeth

Timing Belt
Timing Belt, Single-Sided, Neoprene, 9mm Width, 3mm Pitch, 177mm Length, 59 Teeth
by Small Parts
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Nylon Covered Fiberglass Reinforced Neoprene One-Sided Timing Belts. Evenly spaced teeth on the inside circumference of One-Sided Timing Belts help avoid the slippage or creep encountered with simple flat belts. Important for applications involving a definite motion sequence or indexing, these belts are capable of transmitting high torque and can withstand rapid accelerations. The trapezoidal tooth profile concentrates stress near the root of the tooth, promoting positive grip and uniform speed transmission. Made of Nylon Covered Fiberglass Reinforced Neoprene, these belts require no lubrication, are resistant to chemicals, and have very low stretch with excellent strength and dimensional stability. Also, since a narrower belt will handle a larger load, they are generally of lower cost than other drive mediums.

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